Born on July 8, 1958 in Muehlbach district of Baden, as the middle of three brothers. Musician, artist, blacksmith, investor, entrepreneur, but still a family man.
He is the paternal grandson of the well known Pastor Wilfried Stober, the director of the Baden trombone choir and colleague of Pastor Paul Gräb (born in New Guinea in 1924 - died in Wehr in 2019), whose work as an art and philanthropist not only shaped Anne-Sophie Mutter , but also Michael Stober.
The art friendly atmosphere had a formative effect on him, so that he became active as a musician, philosophy student, experimental photographer through the Berlin Lette Association, art worker and Himalayan traveler after becoming a resident in Berlin as a visionary and entrepreneur too....

Prizes, Awards

  • -Art prize of DGFK
    -Art ISBN 3-927513-01-6 prize Handbook by Pia Heckes: or ISBN 978-3-927513-01-3, Maas & Burbach Publishers
    -Special prize Hotel Personality of year 2015
    -Prof e.h. for humanitarian help RRC in Cameroon 2019



Music Performances:


Special construction projects

City councilor in Nauen

Active commitment

Active commitment to sustainable and holistic development especially for the project Landgut Stober, formerly Landgut Borsig (CO2OL certificate, tree donation certificate, Certified Green Hotel, etc.)